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Ostomy Belt | white style 411-D

code : 4111-D

Ostomy belt White  Style 441-D 

Femininity ostomy belt belt with universal pocket to keep the ostomy bag in place. Manufactured to industry standards, nylon and spandex, this soft and lightweight fabric is breathable. Against it is very opaque and original from these industrial seams that makes the difference, soft and comfortable fabric has the look of lace it has a pocket on the left and right to hold the ostomy bag in place for any occasion sport and work sexuality and other.

You will enjoy your feminine side in privacy and freedom. You can enjoy a more active lifestyle with limited concerns while living an active lifestyle.  Ostomy concerns are virtually removed and you can live life to the fullest with minimum concerns.

This is a unique description of our new 2014 model, color white made of 85% nylon 15% spandex.
Made in Canada (patented)

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22.00 $CAD $CAD
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