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Ostomy Care C.S.P.
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Ostomy belt black for the best comfort
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Mini-Skirt with ostomy belt
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gastro enterologis Ostomy
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Ostomy Belt underwear
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Ostomy Belt Patent

Note to readers, 

Ostomy Belt(Ceinture de Stomie) Made in Canada (patented)

At the opposite of other products on the market, our belts are simple and effective. They do not carry any gadgets as fasten or velcro, and you don't have to make an opening on the belt to attach the pouch.

Information on our prodcuts please contact management by e-mail, or write to the address below.

Ostomy belt Patents
A belt for supporting an ostomy pouch. The belt is wearable by an intended user having a waist. The ostomy pouch is attachable to a stoma extending from the intended user. The belt includes a stretchable band for supporting the ostomy pouch, the stretchable band being positionable substantially in register with the waist of the intended user and substantially in register with the ostomy pouch. The stretchable band defining a band lower edge and a susbtantially opposed band upper edge. The stretchable band further defines a pressure exerting direction extending substantially perpendicularly from the band towards the intended user.

A first band reinforcement is operatively coupled to at least one of the band lower or upper edges for opposing, at least in part, a substantially circumferential elongation of the stretchable band. The stretchable band is configured, sized and provided with a band elasticity such that: the stretchable band exerts substantially no force onto the ostomy pouch in the pressure exerting direction when the ostomy pouch is substantially empty, and the stretchable band exerts a band force onto the ostomy pouch in the pressure exerting direction when the ostomy pouch is substantially filled, the band force causing an alert pressure to be exerted onto the intended user by the ostomy pouch, the alert pressure being of a magnitude sufficient for alerting the intended user that the pouch issubstantially filled.

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