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Ostomy Care C.S.P.
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Ostomy belt black for the best comfort
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Mini-Skirt with ostomy belt
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gastro enterologis Ostomy
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Ostomy Belt underwear
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ostomy underwear new style
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Ostomy Belts and Undergarment Clothing

CSP Ostomy Underwear              ostomy clothing Online Store

Our ostomy belts and lingerie are made to be ultra comfortable and aesthetically designed for men and women, with a universal and unique pocket, built in for right or left sided stoma. The ostomy underwear is comfortable and can be adjusted for maximum comfort and flexibility for your active lifestyle. Our garments eliminate any form of stoma compression. The ostomy pouch will fit easily into the pocket and stay in place.

Our ostomy products will  exceed your expectations. Living with an ostomy, colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy, or Crohn's disease, including colon cancer, and ulcerative colitis.  You will find our belts, lingerie and garments can be an essential part of assisting you to lead a more comfortable and secure ostomy lifestyle.  Please visit our website today for more instructive information on our exciting and innovative products which we offer.

Our custom designed garments are manufactured to exacting standards and are unique to our brand and ostomies underwear products. We design specific features that can only be found in our products. Careful attention is placed on manufacturing and sewing specific seams, made to last. Our custom designed ostomies lingerie and garments are custom made especially for you.  

The FloriLee ostomy belt and lingerie product line can only be found here at CPS. 

Urostomy belts – Unisex styling

  • Light and comfortable.
  • No stoma compression.
  • Secure concealment, and easy to maintain. 
  • Wash in warm water, hang and dry: (Do not use the dryer.)
  • Height 9 to 10 inches. available in: beige, black, beige mesh and black mesh.
  • See table below shows available sizes.
  • Protective Ostomy Belts are fashioned for comfort and performance.
  • Inside pockets allows for an active lifestyle for you. 
  • Pouch pocket construction allows for security.
  • Pouch stays in place while sleeping, during sports activities or intimate moments.

Ostomy Underwear
Product Specifications are UNISEX

  • Our fabrics are made with a mix of nylon (85%) and Lycra (15%); creating an extremely breathable fabric.
  • Our ostomy underwear and clothing is soft, plush and very light.  
  • Support pockets are sewn into the interior, eliminating the need to fastener to the ostomy belt.
  • The lightweight mesh material is cool and comfortable in warm weather.
  • Ostomy pouch stability maintains pouch firmly in place at all times during work or play.
  • Ostomy belts and garments are available in black, beige, and print breathable fabric material comfortable and fashionable.
  • The beige belt ostomy garment is made out of net-like material.
  • Material allows the skin to breathe more easily. 
  • The Protective Ostomy Belt has a universal pocket whether your ostomy is on your right or left side. It will suit you perfectly!
mini-skirts ostomy underwear


Unique and distinctive ostomy garments and lingerie are designed for the fashion conscious lady. Mini-skirt ostomy belts, in beige or black. The two in one miniskirt is a specially crafted ostomy undergarment for the discriminating lady. The skirt is very light, with no elastic inside or bottom elastic. There is a universal support pocket for right or left side stomas. The skirt is comfortable and the pouch goes almost totally unnoticed. The ostomy skirt is made of knitted satin Lycra®, a superior quality fabric, it is very light and extensible, making this undergarment perfect for all occasions. The skirt also offers all of the advantages and conveniences found in all our products.  

How to measure for correct and accurate sizing:  
Size Chart ! CSP Underwear ostomies FloriLee®