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Life with a stoma C.S.P.

The Facts about aftercare and Post Ostomy Living

This segment of the website covers aftercare and living with a stoma.  Other issues of concern will also be examined for the ostomy patient.  Let us begin this discussion by stating that life after ostomy surgery presents the patient with a new way of seeing themselves. Overall, it is a significant change in your life, but one that can be successfully managed. Does it change your life radically?  At this point the best answer is no not really. Most issues both psychological and physical can be managed with education on living with a stoma.
In order to address the post surgery period of adjustment and the continuing process of stoma care, we will discuss important concerns you may have. 

Hopefully, we can provide you with information that will make your life easier and allow you to feel good about yourself.  It should be understood that although your original body function has been changed surgically, the body function you once knew has been moved to a new location, your abdomen. Nonetheless, the function remains the same.  Caring for a stoma is very important; this process (as time passes) becomes routine.  Think about it, daily hygiene before your surgery was as much of a concern as it will be with a stoma.  Logically we will cover the following issues in this section:

Post Surgery Facts
Appliances pouches and care products
Ostomy care (stoma care)
In Conclusion

Post Surgery Facts

After ostomy surgery, and while in the hospital, an ET nurse is assigned to assist you with some schooling on stoma aftercare.  An Enterostomal therapy nurse, or ET nurse, is a registered nurse (RN) who has specialized training in treating patients with ostomies. An ET nurse may treat patients before, during, and after their ostomy surgery. Some situations that an ET nurse may help with include: instruction on pouches, and care products.  After discharge from the hospital you will be advised to see your local ET nurse and expectations are you will continue life as usual.  

At this point, many ostomy patients sense and feel they are alone and on their own to figure out the vast array of options open to them.  Many questions arise such as, what is the best pouch?  What if I have issues with my stoma?  How do I know I’m doing the right thing with what I have chosen to use?  How long will it take before I master this process?  The questions are endless but all answerable.  It needs to be clearly stated here that all questions have resolutions; time and technology are on your side. As with all new changes to our body, we go through periods of concern and fear.  This is normal. 

You are going to learn how to live with a stoma.  Is it difficult?  The factual answer is that is not any more difficult that how you removed waste from your body the original way.  The gap between surgery and living with a stoma has never been filled with an abundance of how to or what to do.  It is a private matter you will resolve in your own time and way.  Your ET nurse can assist you in making this transition. Most patients discover what is best for them by trial and error.  Do not be discouraged by setbacks of any kind.

Such issues as a leaking pouch, skin irritation, odor, emergency changes, and other issues are all resolvable.  This personal learning process is different for every ostomy patient that has gone through the surgery.  This may account for the knowledge gap that exists for all ostomy patients.  What may work for one person may not work as well as for another. Hence, the gap is filled by you finding what works best for you.  

The period of adjustment and personal hygiene techniques takes a while, but once mastered, life soon returns to normal.  After a time, you reflect back on this period and find that you were able master living with a stoma. Over time, you will find yourself sharing your expertise on stoma care with others. You may even visit pre surgery patients and assist them in this life changing event. Trust me it happens.

Appliances ostomy pouches and care products

Today, we live in a new age of technology and high performance products designed to allow the ostomy patient to be active, swim, play sports, and do what anyone else can.  Very few people will know you have a stoma unless you decide to tell them.  Discussing health issues and information is a private matter. Such discussions are based on your interactions with others who live with or without a stoma.  Sharing your story is a personal matter.  Only you can address this matter when you feel comfortable.

There are numerous companies that have brought ostomy care to a new level.  There are literally hundreds of pouches to choose from for comfort and access.  Care products abound and make life with a stoma is much more manageable than you can imagine.  Continued reading, using, testing and consulting with companies keeps you current on stoma care products. All products are designed to improve your lifestyle.

The first and most important fundamental issue is care of the skin around the stoma.  This is the area that needs attention during ostomy pouch changes.  After a while the changing procedure becomes routine.  Stoma hygiene becomes your number one concern.  Once you have chosen a pouch system and the necessary support products, you will soon be adept at changing your pouch and maintain your stoma.  At this point, it is necessary to note that changing every four to seven days will is a necessity and the norm.  The four day option allows you to examine the stoma and skin area and to maintain the necessary care for that area of your body.  A small hand mirror can be used to examine the skin area around the stoma.

Ostomy care (stoma care)

Products such as stoma powder, adhesives, cleaners, and protective tapes can be tested to see what works best for you.  A hairdryer can also be used to gently dry skin after washing. Some ostomy patients wear two piece systems; others prefer a one piece system.  There are clips for closure and Velcro also can be used to keep the pouch safely closed. .  Select a pouch that suits your needs and keep an ample supply at hand.  Make an emergency change kit for your car. If any issue arises the supplies will be available.  A set for the office is also advisable.  

Avoiding skin irritation is extremely important.  Irritation causes moisture and redness which prevents a complete seal.  You will find this to be the case during the warmer months. There are many products available to you that remedy this problem and with continued use and vigilance; this issue can be managed quite well.  Many places outside the home provide private and handicapped rest rooms for men and woman.  These areas provide for privacy and a place to relax.  After a while you will find these rest areas and feel much better about going to the bathroom in privacy.  Considering the stoma issue as a whole, you do what you have to do and others do what they have to do.  This is a fact of life.

Feel free to contact ostomy suppliers and product manufacturers.  They want to hear from you and are always willing to answer questions and send complimentary products for you to test. Samples and advice are always provided and you are up to date with the latest innovations for a positive ostomy experience.  The Internet is a vast storehouse of information. Available products, new innovations, care guides, and ways to make servicing your stoma easy are all on the Internet for your use.

After a while, stoma care becomes routine.  Time allows you to become more confident and life returns to normal with you doing all the things you did before had the surgery.  With today’s advancements in products and features not much changes and your intimate life whether married or single soon becomes a minor issue.  For those in an intimate relationship, an ostomy is quickly overcome.  Men and women share their ostomy story and life goes on.

Ostomates Undergarments 

Of all the newest and latest innovations that are not frequently discussed, the use of ostomy undergarments ranks high.  The maintenance of your stoma, healthy skin and frequent changes bring the ostomy patient into a great sense of well being and confidence.  At this point, we would like to focus on undergarments and their importance in completing daily ostomy care maintenance.  The undergarment issue we intend to discuss, concerns the pouch and it’s positioning on the body.  

The sensation of the ostomy pouch attached to the body is at first a great concern.  While the pouch is empty it barely noticeable while wearing it.  As it fills the weight of fluids within are subjected to gravity.  This weight soon becomes noticeable, which causes you to want to empty the pouch. After a while the need to evacuate becomes more evident and the need to empty it brings relief from the weight.  This is an ongoing process and remains with you forever.  Usually, emptying your pouch happens two to three times daily depending on the amount of food you have consumed and the time between evacuations.

The use of ostomy undergarments is as important as your emptying and changing habits and procedures.  At this point, it is important to explain in detail how important ostomy undergarments are for healthful living.  First, it should be understood undergarments are a “discovery” rather than a part of the supplies you use daily.  Undergarments are rarely discussed post surgery. For most ostomates these wonderful items are, and sometimes remain, rarely discussed. Ostomates who do not use undergarments find that they have missed an extremely important part of the total care process for their comfort and well being.

With today’s new fabrics, comfort control, and added wearing benefits, ostomy undergarments afford the wearer many benefits.  Both men and women now have available to them clothing that reduces ostomy appearance almost completely.  Depending on the undergarments you select, you will find that their addition to your daily regimentation provide comfort and confidence.  Undergarments have added a whole new dimension to pouch comfort and placement.  Ostomy undergarments provide the following benefits for both men and women: The belt, boxer underwear, woman’s panties, clothing and matching accessories are all designed for maximum comfort, support and distribution of pouch weight.  

Undergarments allow for the pouch to conform to your abdomen, while allowing a small pocket on the inside of the undergarment to redistribute the weight of the pouch at all times.  As your pouch fills, the pouch is pressed gently against the stoma area keeping the pouch away from your inner thigh.  Pouch clips are kept in place in the pocket preventing pinching or shifting.

Ostomy underwear is so effective that hours can pass as you find the pouch goes relatively unnoticed.  If you do check the pouch you will find the undergarment supports all weight and allows you enjoy other activities rather than concentrating on the pouch.  Contemporary undergarments are as important as your changing procedure. Living with a comfortable stoma system requires undergarments for comfort and security.  
A fresh ostomy  pouch change and slipping into a fresh clean undergarment allows you be more comfortable while supporting and belting your system into place.  Undergarments also allow for easier pouch evacuation and a feeling of well being as you slip your pouch into a pocket inside the undergarment that hugs the pouch against you reducing bulge and pouch sag.

With ostomy undergarments you feel more secure and will notice that during work, sports, intimacy, or while asleep the pouch is gently pressed against you to provide comfort and support twenty four hours a day. Many people have concerns about their wardrobe; the addition of ostomy undergarments enhances your outer clothing and accessories while making the stoma almost invisible. Early after surgery, you will imagine that everyone will see the bump or bulge on your abdomen.  Even after hernia surgery (if necessary) undergarments make you feel more comfortable and can lessen visual concerns you might have.  

Once completely dressed, you will notice that the stoma area literally becomes invisible to the naked eye.  Revolutionary stretch fabrics and contemporary undergarment designs address these issues and will allow for complete confidence and well being and high self esteem.

Lingerie and undergarments designed for women such as belts, panties, bras, and bathing suits add a new dimension to how great you can look. Products for men such as belts and boxer underwear allow men to work, play relax and lead active productive lives free from worries or stoma concerns. All these products are now available, and it is with pleasure that I recommend the new line of FloriLee products to you.  Please visit our website and other websites to compare products and see the exciting line of ostomy apparel available for men and women.  It will make a difference in your lifestyle.

In Conclusion 

It is our hope at C.S.P. that this information will assist you as you live with your ostomy. C.S.P urges you educate yourself on products and services that improve your life and living with a stoma.  As time passes, you will recover from your surgery and be an active participant in all that life offers.  Know that many people, famous and not so famous, have lived productive lives with ostomies.

Here is a list of well-known people who are/were on our same journey that you are on now:

Dwight Eisenhower - Former US President

Fred Astaire - actor/dancer

Suzanne Rosenthal - CCFA Founder

Red Skelton - comedian

Ed Sullivan - TV host

Ann Sothern and Loretta Young - actresses

Barbara Barrie - actress

Napoleon Bonaparte - world leader and military conqueror

Marvin Bush - financial advisor and son of former US president

Al Geiberger - professional golfer - Had to undergone a series of After Colostomy Diets to arrive at one that suited him well.

Tip O’Neil - US Speaker of the House

William Powell - actor

Queen Mother of England (colostomy since 1966) - British Royal

As you can see many people have lived full and complete lives with an ostomy.  You are not alone, and will never be alone, in a network of people who have been fortunate enough to receive this live giving surgery.  For additional assistance feel free to contact us here at C.S.P., we will do all we can to support you and your journey to a healthy and productive lifestyle.  

We design and produce undergarments with integrated sheath and small pouch pocket.  Visit our website and examine our skirts, belts, boxer shorts and feminine apparel line with integrated ostomy features.  We feature exclusive feminine skirts which are integrated into the ostomy belt and all C.S.P. Ostomy undergarments. We are the leading innovators in the field of clothing for ostomy patients. Talk with us. You'll be pleased with all the choices.

Specializing in the manufacturing of ostomy underwear and ostomy belts, for women and men, to provide beautiful, functional and hand crafted undergarments to maintain a productive lifestyle for anyone with a colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy. Call us for private consultations.  Purchase any ostomy belt and ostomy protective skirt and your order will be shipped in 24 working hours very discreetly. Remember to select the express shipping if you wish to receive your order quickly. Our belts are available in several colors and sizes. We ship to over 40 countries. It is also possible to place your order by phone, calling us at +1 (450) 574-0856.

We are always listening to you concerns and want to hear from you. CSP can be contacted by email or telephone. You can order online, or our stores. Pay by credit card or PayPal.  We are here to serve your ostomy questions and concerns in addition to undergarment needs.  Thank you for visiting, and welcome back anytime!

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