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Ostomy Pouch and Bag

Several diseases such as Crohn's disease, ulcerous colitis, colorectal cancers, kidney and bladder cancer, where one must divert the normal urine trajectory, and other inflammatory disease of the intestine can lead to the formation of an ostomy can quickly lead us to wear an ostomy pouch. Dealing with this situation requires a great deal of adaptation. It's necessary to learn to live with this new reality. An ostomy pouch, permanently on your body, can seem bothersome, but keep in mind that it's an essential tool for your well-being. Therefore it' s crucial to know how it works.

Ostomy Pouch Information

Ostomy apparatus is constituted of two pieces: the ostomy pouch which collects feces and the flange which is used to keep the ostomy pouch in place. Various models ostomy care bag are available; the dimension of the pouch varies and certain apparatus are one piece only, but the principle remains the same.


The ostomy pouch has a limited life. It's important to change all the ostomy Ostomy apparatus every 3 to 7 days, varying for one individual to the next. You must empty the pouch regularly. Normally you will empty the pouch from five to six times a day. You carry out this task without removing your apparatus. It is not recommended to wash the ostomy pouch as there is an anti-odour protection. You must not remove this protection with frequent and useless washing, nevertheless it is different for the urostomy pouch it is recommended to clean daily. (Simple and effective Method to clean, mix half white vinegar cup for one liter of water)

How to Change an Ostomy Bag?

At the beginning it may seem complex to change an ostomy pouch, but in fact it's fairly easy. Initially you must have handy the material recommended by your enterostomal therapist as well as cloths. To begin it's recommended to sit down to feel more at ease during the manipulations. It's important to protect your clothes as the flow of feces is continuous for ostomates. Remove the pouch and wipe of the feces on the flange. Remove the flange from your stomach. Clean the skin around your ostomy with a soft wet cloth. It's necessary to properly clean the area to be able to attach another apparatus on clean skin, but you must avoid excessive scrubbing as to not irritate the skin. Apply an adhesive paste on the flange.

Ostomy Product

You can find it where ostomy products are sold, through various ostomy care companies, such as Hollister, Coloplast and other. The paste used should be applied as recommended by the manufacturer or medical personnel working in the field of health after stoma. The paste acts as a sealer under the Skin Barrie to prevent  the leakage. Also it's preferable to properly protect the skin before applying the flange. For example you can apply a protective powder, followed by a skin protector either tampon or aerosol Nexcare, Skin-Prep and Allkare many uses. These products form a protective barrier between the skin and the adhesive (Only when the skin is irritated and this treatment is necessary). Allow to dry and then attach the flange precisely around the ostomy. Finally, you must take the ostomy pouch and apply strong pressure on the flange so that the two pieces hold together. This last step is not necessary for people using a one-piece pouch.

Adapting to life after an ostomy

The ostomy pouch cover and underwear from Ostomy Care restores self-confidence in ostomate people while offering them a better life quality. An ostomy is a part of your body that must be given specific care. This piece of intestine, outside of your stomach, is insensible but very fragile. Therefore you must learn to live with a stoma, because it saved our lives, say thank you Doctor... That is why the need for the Protective Ostomy Blelt of Ostomycares, it makes life easier. This ostomy is part of your life. It's highly recommended to consult resource individuals in the health field if it is required for your condition. An enterostomal therapist remains the specialist that can help you the most and guide you. He or she will advice you towards the proper equipment that suits your needs. He or she will guide you regarding particular care you may need. A person can wear an apparatus for many years without problem. And the following day, a problem may force them to change their apparatus. He or she will have to change to an apparatus that will be more suitable for him or her. Sometimes, he or she may even have to change companies.

This information is personal opinion and not medical