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Ostomy belt black for the best comfort
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Ostomates Testimonials C.S.P.

 Testimonial from an extremely satisfied and grateful customer:

In September 2016 I had occasion to contact (CSP) looking for some kind of cover for the Ileostomy appliance I have had since 1999.  For me that surgery ended any possibility of physical intimacy in my life.  While I knew this was not the case for most people, it was for me.  For the following 17 years I didn’t think any further about it and never expected to again.

Then in the fall of 2016 I met someone unexpectedly and to my astonishment found myself thinking about the possibility of allowing an intimate relationship in my life.  This was truly a totally revolutionary idea to me and at first I couldn’t even imagine it being possible.  But it became clear that I was actually considering it.  At that point I had to find some kind of ostomy cover that would allow me to feel even remotely comfortable about it.

This proved to be a difficult task.  There was nothing available locally so I looked online but there are few online options and most of those only ship within the US.  Also it’s usually not possible to contact these places directly which made it very difficult to figure out what kind of thing would work, what size and so on.  Cost was also a factor with my tight budget. I was concerned about ending up with something that didn’t work and being stuck with it.

At first I had the same concerns about CSP Canada. I emailed asking if it would be possible to talk to someone by phone but was not hopeful of hearing back. I was amazed when Florian actually phoned me himself.  That was a sign of the outstanding and truly caring service CSP provides.  

Florian was compassionate, understanding and more than helpful.  He took time to discuss various options with me, to explain the sizing and to make sure I felt comfortable with what I was ordering. This made it possible for me to order with confidence.  The product I ordered is excellent.  It’s well made, well designed, very nice fabric and a good fit.  It was also very reasonably priced.  

But above all, I am deeply grateful for the generosity of spirit in this process.  I can honestly say that Florian’s kindness and personalized service played a big part in making it possible for me to have something in my life that I had never expected to have again.  

Sincerely, Jill

British Columbia, Canada

A confidence woman with an ostomy

I have a secret to share with you. In November 2015, I am now an ostomate and Ican tell you that I survived my surgery. At first, I did not accept the news or the prognosis. I had to rethink my life and the changes that would be made to my body. It was difficult, but I did finally accept my new lifestyle.  My husband loves me, but I was ashamed of what I was about to go through.  In May, I attended a march to fight cancer and it is there that I realized that I had to accept the fact that my life would change if I wanted to live a long time with my husband, who I love immensely, after 41 years of marriage.

Today, I am happy with my ostomy surgery decision. While on the internet, I discovered C.S.P., a site with much information designed especially for people who are learning to live with an ostomy. C.S.P. introduced me to FloriLee® undergarments and feminine wear adapted and designed for ostomy care. I ordered the 802 style boxers and 411 belt style for women.  Both products provide me with comfort and a feeling of security twenty four hours a day.

C.S.P. has assisted me in finding life at its best. I would say 100%, I'm at ease and at peace with myself. Using the boxer or the protective ostomy belt at night, rest and sleep is again easy. I know my pouch will be well supported and will remain in place, it will follow my movements, much like a second skin. Even during the day my belt provides safety and security 

My life is so good! I'm not afraid to sleep and I don’t worry at all 
I suggest that you visit the C.S.P. website. I highly recommend that you examine and look at the underwear and undergarments by "FloriLee". I can say, "try it and adapt."

Thanks and good luck! I am an ostomate who is happy and enjoying my life. Visit this website, you will not regret it.

I wish you well.  



Ostomy Belt with DVD is a great choice 

I also order online for my ostomy undergarments at and the dvd tutorial is a great help for my stoma maintenance. By the way, the company is based in Quebec.
Shanon Ontario

Underwear comfortable for ostomates 

Ostomates in September 2014 at the Hospital St-François d'Assise in Quebec. Not knowing where to find  suitable ostomy underwear for my equipment. I discovered Mr. Levesque Web site.

Today I command regularly with my credit card and it is very reliable. I never had a problem. Their products are very comfortable and help us to accept our new life.
Sonia Quebec
Overcoming privacy boundaries with an ostomy

Dear Mr. Lévesque,

I want to express my gratitude for all the energy you deploy to embellish our daily lives.

Thanks to your creations, I have rediscovered my liberty! I don’t feel haunted anymore by the constant fear of having an outflow at any moment. I would qualify your ostomy belt “a second skin” I almost forget I’m wearing-it. Your products are good quality and comfortable. The service is courteous and rapid. In one word “PROTECTIVE OSTOMY BELT” is a lifestyle on its own.

I would like to comment on your DVD as well. Only good things can be said. While I was watching it, I felt the empathy you projected towards ostomates. It takes a great dose of courage to have dared trespass the wall of intimacy in order to bring us the needed comfort.  I will surely recommend-it to all new ostomates for reference. It follows you through autonomy. Although each ostomy is different, everyone will find their own trick, or new “to do” way.

In short, I’d compare your DVD with the return home after the birth of my first born. My mother-in-law was my coach. She’d reassure me with her experience, in my new role of motherhood although she’s never replaced the Doctor when needed. In the DVD, M. Levesque is the coach of the ostomate without replacing the Enterostomal Therapist when needed.Continue surprising us, you make us feel good…A big THANK YOU  for your resilience and creativity.
Carole, Lanaudière region (March 2013)

Ostomy underwear CSP 

I have received the parcel and I am thankful for it; I am very satisfied; the quality is great; the underwear is soft and comfortable; the models are adapted, nice, and feminine. Thank you again. 

Juliette (France)

Live wholeheartedly again with an ostomy!

Dear Sir,

Moreover, I watched your video and read your testimony, and I can only say congratulations and thank you! You contribute to our well-being, us ostomates, and it’s a comfort and a safety that is priceless!

I bless the day that, by chance, I discovered your website Your products are perfect and thanks to them I can live wholeheartedly again, without worrying about my “condition” for a second.  

Once again, many thanks, you have changed my life!

Clara - 31 years old – Paris/France

Ostomy belt collection

Dear Florian, 

It is with much appreciation that I thank you for all you have done for me.  I'm sure I have the most comprehensive ostomy belt collection in North America.  Your generosity and kindness will be remembered by Joan and I always. 

 Peter & Joan  Montana USA 

Ostomy feedback from other Community 

The best belts I have found are from They are nylon and lycra, very comfortable, and just slip on. There is a pocket for your pouch and you don't have to wear your pouch sideways like a lot of belts. It gives you a lot of support without a lot a complexity or having to change how you wear your pouch. The are out of Quebec so you get two confirmation emails, one in French and one in English ; February 12, 2010 05:10 AM

source :

 Staunton Virgina

Ostomy belt arrived today

The ostomy belt arrived today, that was very fast shipping! Left positive feedback with eBay.

Thank You very much for making and selling these ostomy belts. It's really helped my father. He hasn't had a detached pouch since wearing your belt, and can go to the bathroom unaided. A real confidence and moral booster.

Best Wishes for 2011 


Ostomy belts and underwear

It’s Bridget sending you a note to let you know that I received the ostomy belts and ostomy underwear as requested; The belts are working out perfectly - many thanks for sending the extra one along; I also want to thank you for taking the time out to ensure that the products I requested would suit my needs; The conversation and follow up was much appreciated. 

I will definitely be recommending your ostomy products to people I encounter.

All the very best with your business. I'm sure we'll be in touch. 

Warm regards, 

Bridget, Toronto Canada

Diagnosed with crohn’s disease in February 2007 at the age of 45 years

I had to undergo a first operation in May 2007 (abscesses drainage caused by a fistula). Despite a close medical follow-up and taking medication (cortisone and purénéthol), an emergency operation took place June 24 for a removal of one part of the small intestine and colon. Which ended with a temporary Ileostomy from June 24 to September 14 2007. 

On my return home on July 2, 2007, my sisters gave me gift of the short skirt and I also received the ostomy belt (in net) from my godfather and his wife. WOW! What a wonder!!! To have lived it, I do say and I repeat that to be able to live with assistance of a ostomy belt has helped me to live 75% better and helped me to accept this position that in my case was only temporary. As much as for the discomfort and the insecurity that one lives in such a position in that of the acceptance, this is a beautiful true invention. 

In any case, I did some research for these ostomy belts because I did not know of its existence. Strange thing... Nobody in the medical field whom I deal with knew of this invention: nurses, gastro-enterologist, my surgeon, my family doctor, the nurse at the pharmacy, as well as the participants of the CLSC of my region. Nevertheless everybody living with a temporary or permanent ostomy should be informed of its existence.  

Since September 14, 2007, I no longer have ostomy but I continue to inform the people of my entourage of this beautiful magnificent ostomy wear invention. 

A very satisfied customer

Dominique, Val d'Or, Québec

Ostomy belt Comfortable and Feeliyng of Securit

I have two protective ostomy belts, one ostomy skirt now and wear the belts all of the time (night; day). They are so easy to wash and dry quickly so I never have to worry about having a clean one. I am so very pleased; it is just like getting some of my life back. 

They are very comfortable and I now have this feeling of security that I never expected possible after the last 5 1/2 years of fear of someone finding out that I have this problem. Going to public washrooms was an anxiety filled experience as the plastic pouch always makes a noise no matter what you do, but with this belt, the pouch is always enclosed and the problem is gone.

I am very pleased with the Protective Ostomy Belt and would highly recommend it.

Karen, British , Columbia, Canada

Ostomy belt it is Ideal Day and Night

I am a 31 year old woman. Being reached Crohn disease for already 7 years, I had not had of major repetition from the diagnosis to this year! I unfortunately lived a relapse of an intensity out of the common run which finally led me in operating room for the complete ablation of the colonist. I thus have now with a ileostomy. 

Obviously, it was difficult to accept, I never thought that it can arrive to me one day! I had to learn how to live with the bag, the day like the night and especially to find me means of camouflaging it. Initially, I had problems the night with the bag because it inflated much, I were always afraid to hang it in my sleep. While seeking on Internet, given to find a solution, I found the Protective Ostomy Belt. Wow! I wanted some immediately! Indeed, the belt is ideal for the night, because it support well the bag and makes it possible to move without fear while sleeping. 

Moreover, it is ideal the day because it can be carried with any clothing, which makes it possible to support and hide the bag to the maximum. Finally, the belt is also very interesting for the reports/ratios intimate. Even if my spouse accepts my new state very well, the belt is ideal to hide the bag and to prevent it from moving. In short, that advantages!! I use the belt in net for the night because it allows more expansion, and that will lycra some for the day which is camouflaged well under clothing .

Moreover, the little skirt is really extra! The eyes of my spouse said some large when I tested it the first time! It is super beautiful and camouflages the bag really well. Being all the same rather short, it gives a sexy pace, completely making forget the bag! I am in a hurry at the summer to be made bronze!

J. H., Montreal, Canada

Ostomy underweare freedom of movements

10 years ago my doctors detected an ulcerous colitis but, after going through many tests I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I unsuccessfully went through several operations for 8 years trying to keep my physical integrity and at age 41.I brought myself to accept having a stoma placement. It was a hard decision, especially towards others because I always had the feeling that the pouch was noticeable even under clothing.

I was embarrassed at work and distressed in my intimacy. I turned to ostomates to ask about a belt able to maintain and cover the pouch under clothing so I could gain back some confidence and have more liberty in my movements, like at work. I didn’t find any product in France that gave me a full satisfaction. 

Looking in the net, through Google, I discover your web site. I made a first order just for a test and your belts ended corresponding exactly to what I was looking for in a long time: freedom of movements and great support in everyday life and intimacy, I can even forget from time to time that I carry an ostomy pouch which is important for my morale and well-being. 

Otherwise I am completely satisfied with the service and order tracking, Florian first concern is that his customer’s expectations are met and for that I thank him sincerely.

André Vazé, France

Europe Ostomy belt

I am writing to you to let you know that, after buying a first ostomy belt, a while ago, through your Internet site, and after being completely satisfied of your product, I have just ordered a second one.

Arnaud R. France

Living a safe life with an ostomy

Hello Mr. Levesque. I would like to thank you for your information about the ostomy belts. The white elastic belt allows the pouch to be secure during our movements when we sleep while the protective ostomy belt holds the pouch and keeps it in place thanks to its support pocket. What a great invention! Thanks to these products we can finally do anything and be safe. Thank you.

Gilles B.Rimouski, Quebec 

Ostomy Belt and ostomy underweare

I would like to make some comments about two of your stoma products that I find amazing.

Your ostomy belt has been carefully developed and it is useful in many ways. Congratulations! It is worth knowing. A lot of thought was put into the design of your new ostomy underwear and they meet various needs. The two pouch pockets make it very pleasant and comfortable to wear.I also want to mention the excellence and speed of your service. It`s not always the case in today`s world.

Congratulations for your devotion and for your designs, which deserve to be known everywhere.

Claude C. , Lac Brome, QC, Canada