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The large intestine needs rest

An apparatus which consists of a pouch and a collar, in one or two parts. A tight opening in the bottom of the ostomy pouch makes it possible to drain.

The ileostomy surgery is to perform a bypass of the small intestine. This surgery is necessary when the large intestine has to be removed in whole or in part or for recuperation. It connects the ileum to a device attached to the skin which collects the stool.

Among the possible causes include inflammation of the digestive tract, colon cancer or other diseases. If colorectal cancer is the cause of surgery, the ostomy may be temporary: it may later reconnect the healthy sections of the colon or rectum. It is permanent when the rectum is too damaged (ill) to be retained.

When the stool can no longer be evacuated in a natural way or is now impossible to control, a ostomy pouch must be installed to collect it. It will consist of a pouch and a collar, in one or two piece Ostomy Cares device.

A suitable apparatus

If using a two piece apparatus, we can then remove the pouch without having to remove the pouch's collar. A tight opening at the bottom of the pouch allows drainage.

As ileostomy starts at the beginning of the digestive system, the stool has no time to become consistent. Rather liquidy and abundant at the beginning, then later tends to thicken. Shortly after surgery, the fluid is relatively abundant. A little later, the system stabilizes and generates around half a litre a day.

Nutrition and activities

Some changes in nutrition will have to be taken in order to avoid inconveniences. At the end of a few months, you will be able to return to a normal diet. However, avoid foods high in fibre, difficult to digest, and those which cause gas or diarrhoea. It is also advisable to try out various food, especially fruits and vegetables, in order to distinguish those which are easier to digest. It is also advisable to drink a lot, at least a litre and half per day.

The ostomy apparatus do not prevent you from taking baths and showers. They do not cause problems when going out, at work, in sports or leisure activities: they are sealed and you can wear them under a bathing suit.


This information is on a purely personal and non medical basis.