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Colostomy! Cutting Down the Colon

There are several types of colostomy such as : Colostomy ascending Colostomy, transverse, Descending and Sigmoid Colostomy is also called ostomy.

The surgical intervention occurs as a result of, Crohn's disease, bowel cancer, rectal cancer, bowel disease etc. A surgery consisting in cutting down the colon, which is the last part of the intestine, is called a colostomy. The intestine is joined to the skin where a ostomy is done, an opening made to evacuate fecal matters into an apparel made up of a pouch and a flange with an efficient adhesive used making the pouch firmly attached to the skin.

This apparel is designed in order to not let odours out going out. Sometimes, it contains products neutralizing the others. It is usually replaced every week. The content of the pouch is evacuated as needed, sometimes several times a day, using a clasp located at the bottom.

There are several categories of colostomy. Some are temporary and others are permanent. The type the surgery needed determines the type of colostomy required:

Ascending Colostomy

When a colostomy is to the right of the colon, it is ascendant as it is located on the ascendant colon. Only a small part of the colon remains. In this case, feces are liquid or semi-liquid and content many digestive enzymes, which could irritate skin, especially surrounding the ostomy.

Transverse Colostomy

If it is on the upper part of the abdomen, in the middle or on the right side of the body, it is a transverse colostomy as it is on the colon's traverse. This colostomy is characterized by liquid or non-consistent feces. As there are fewer digestive enzymes, the skin gets less irritated by feces.

When lower colon is in bad health, a transverse colostomy is made to give it a rest. Doing so, feces are evacuated without going in the descendant colon. In some cases, this situation might be temporary. If the lower colon needs to be removed or to get rest permanently, the ostomy is permanent.

Descending Colostomy

If it is located at the left, it is called a descendant colostomy because it is located on the descendant colon. In this case, feces could be soft or relatively solid as they go through the first part of the colon, involving a better water absorption. It is the most frequent colostomy.

Sigmoid Colostomy

Sigmoid colostomy is made on the sigmoid colon. This type helps the production of feces normally consistent.

At the opposite of an ileostomy, which is relatively far from skin in order to reduce irritation from feces, colostomy is at the skin level.

Colostomy may be mandatory in cases of cancers or intestine traumatisms. It may also originate from different illness like diverticulitis colon and rectal cancer for example. This surgery may also be made because of a genetic malformation

A stomized person’s comfort mainly depends on the use of the apparel adapted to his or her ostomy situation. An adaptation time is required to be comfortable with cares needed, and to change a few habits regarding food, activities, clothing for intimate moments, etc. The advice of a Enterostomal Therapist Ostomy Care, will no doubt be extremely useful to resume a normal life following the surgical intervention which is ostomy.

This information is on a purely personal and non-medical basis.