Panties Style 2008 for Ostomy Underwear Beige Lady


Ostomy panties comfort black and beige with an inner pocket inside to keep up the ostomy pouch in place built-in sheath. New underwear for women ostomate panty sheath adjusted for abdominal support that bypasses the ostomy bag, hps”>a unique concept in the world. Manufactured according to industry standards of knitting Lycra ® provides ultimate comfort. Size adjusts to for women who are ostomate. The ultimate comfort in every movement, silky fabric molding integrated with real sheath sewing techniques that allows the abdominal support for ostomate. Ideal for women who underwent a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy who maintain very well the ostomy pouch in place. Extensible, light, flexible and soft

Blend of 78% nylon, 18% spandex and 4% cotton Extensible, light, flexible and soft Freedom of movement and incomparable support Cup-inspired adjusted to fit woman ostomate


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