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Manufacturer of Ostomy Belt and Other Underwear Clothing

At CPS Ostomy, we specialize in ultra comfortable, aesthetically designed lingerie for women, and products for men with universal pocket for stoma right or left. Our custom designed pocket is comfortable and can be adjusted for maximum comfort for an active lifestyle. Stoma compression is not a concern while wearing our lingerie.

FloriLee ostoma belts and lingerie, are custom designed products made for both men and women, and will  exceed your expectations.  If you are living with an ostomy, colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy, following Crohn's disease, colon cancer, or ulcerative colitis, you will find FloriLee belts, lingerie and garments an essential part of assisting you to lead a more comfortable and secure lifestyle.  Visit our website today, or contact us for more information on our exciting and innovative products which cannot be found in department stores or retail establishments.

Our garments are customed designed and manufactured with design specific features.  Careful attention is placed on well constructed seams, specifically located on the garment for comfort and support. Our custom designed ostomy lingerie and garments are made especially for you.

The ostomy belt and the ostomy clothing underwear designed by CSP,  are all made with a inner pocket built inside which  maintains the ostomy pouch securely in place for total comfort and security during sports activities, intence work activites or while sleeping. These products should be a part of your clothing apperal FloriLee® and are adapted for ostomates who live life with a stoma.

Cinturón de Urostomia unisex

Urostomy belts – Unisex styling

  • This ostomy belt is light and comfortable.
  • A ostomy care belt that does not compress the stoma.
  • It is secure, conceals well the pouch and it is easy to maintain.
  • Wash it simply in warm water and hang to dry: Do not use the dryer.
  • It is 10 inches high, and available in: beige, black, beige mesh and black mesh.
  • The table below shows available sizes.
  • The Protective Ostomy Belt is fashioned for comfort and performance: ostomy belt Patents
  • The inside pocket allows for an active lifestyle for ostomates.
  • The pouch will stay securely in place while sleeping, sports activities or intimate moments.

Ostomy Underweare
Product Specifications UNISEX

  • Manufactured according to industry standards out of nylon (85%) and Lycra (15%); this amalgam produces a breathable fabric.
  • The Protective Ostomy Belt and hunderwear clothing® and are extensible, light, flexible and soft. The support pocket has been sewn in the interior, in order to eliminate the need of any fastener to the ostomy belt.
  • The lightweight mesh-like material is greatly appreciated in warm weather.
  • Ostomy underwear FloriLee® prevents traumatism in case the attachment releases;
  • Maintains the ostomy pouch firmly in place at any time from work or other;
  • Ostomy belt and garment for ostomates are available in black, beige, and print breathable fabric material comfortable and fashionable.
  • The beige belt ostomy garments is made out of net-like material should be worn after the operation and during the summer season as the material allows the skin to breathe more easily. The Protective Ostomy Belt for ostomates, has a universal pocket whether your ostomy is on your right or left side. It will suit you perfectly!


Fascinating ostomy clothing underwear for Lady : Mini-skirt ostomy belt, in beige or black "Two in one" Lovely miniskirt is a ostomy clothing for lady... made with discreetly ostomy belt incorporated to the skirt which is very light, without elastic at the bottom, manufactured with an interior universal support pocket for a stoma right or left. Very comfortable the pouch goes unnoticed.

The ostomy skirt is made of knitted satin Lycra®, a superior quality material, very light and extensible, making this underwear perfect for any occasion. This skirt for ostomates also offers all of the advantages of the CPS Protective Ostomy Belt, but in a model that is very femanine and fitted, for the modern women who care about her appearance.

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The undergarment FloriLee® is offered in black and beige! CSP garments® for Lady en Man are a dream that has become reality! Wear them with short underwear, for more comfort. Sizes available: 8-18. Small to 3x large Other underwear® for ostomates:

Size Chart ! CSP Underwear FloriLee®

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