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Ostomy Belt unisex

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Ostomy belt and ostomies garments FloriLee, with an inner pocket in side to keep the ostomy pouch firmly in place while sleeping, during sport activities and intimate moments. Ideal for anyone who has to live with a ostomy after surgery as, colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, Crohn's disease. After an ostomy surgery, the ostomate requires wearing an ostomy pouch.

Ostomy Belt and underwear unisex

Ideal ostomy belt for any person having to live with an stoma. Ostomy Care C.S.P. provided the ostomies band with a small pocket to accommodate a vertical ostomy pouch, it is light, secure and comfortable. It can be worn 24 hours a day, always maintaining the pouch at the right place. Maintenance is easy, and the belt cannot be perceived through clothing.

Accepting ostomy and living happily

You wish your ostomy had not being discovered? You dont want to worry about possible problems while sleeping? You would like to reduce noises to the minimum? You wish to have sexual relations without issues? We can help you! Our ostomy belt will contribute to your acceptance of your ostomy and help you to live happily. Contrary to other products on the market, our belts are simple and effective. They do not carry any gadgets as fasteners or velcro, and you don't have to make an opening on the belt to attach the pouch.

The person own who designed our ostomy belt an and several other ostomy underwear is an ostomate himself. Who better to understand the needs of people like you? The ostomy belt and garment are made by specialized employees. Manufactured with high quality fabric, it keeps its shape and can last six months to two years. You can use it as any other underclothing. A young woman may be intimidated because of her ostomy when time comes to have sexual relations. Having her needs in mind, we also designed a mini-skirt, which makes her even more attractive, and makes the ostomy pouch almost invisible. See by yourself: it acts as a "two-in-one" clothing since it integrates its own belt.

The comfort of the ostomate person is our priority

How do we know that our customers are satisfied? They regularly return to buy our products as the comfort of the ostomate person is our priority.

Our ostomy belt and ostomates underweare are secure, comfortable and aesthetic. No doubt, they are the most comfortable ostomies underwear, available in many sizes, colors and models.

 It is comfortable:

 It is aesthetic:

 Sizes, Colors and Models

The belt is offered in 8 different size from X Small to 3X Large for waist sizes between 22'' - 24'' (56 - 61 cm) to 46'' - 48'' (117 - 122 cm) A mesh style in a more airy material is available. It is very convenient, but 10% less opaque than the current model (see photo). The Lycra® style is available in beige or black.

The mesh style is offered in beige and black only. Ostomy Skirt is also available in 6 different sixes, Small to 2X Large, measurement are 25''- 27''(64 - 68 cm) to 44'' -46'' (112 - 117 cm).

Specializing in the manufacture of ostomy underweare and  therapeutic ostomy belt, comfortable unisex belt for  ileotomy, colostomy ans urostomy.

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Ostomy Belt Protectrice is available in many stores in Quebec specializing in products for ostomy, the Ostomy Centers, Center Stomothérapie and Ostomy Supply and Ostomy Care, as well as in several pharmacies in Quebec, and Ontario. Soon our product will be available in other stores, as Ostomy Care and Ostomy Supply and in other provinces and countries All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

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